Software development requires a set of skills that can be acquired mainly by practice, peer reviews, a lot of curiosity and willingness to learn. To support it, we believe that software developers should all feel members of a community of practice that goes beyond the O2do limits.

We are not body-shoppers, or self-promoted experts once we read few articles and few hours of training. We all knew nothing at first and we’re never finished to learn. And this is our passion! This is why software should not just work, but be well crafted.

But what we learned needs to be shared, transmitted or challenged by others. Collective intelligence and knowledge sharing is permanently part of our way to approach projects. As O2do client, you need to expect that we don’t only bring our own skills, but we count on learning from each other.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at the software craftsmanship wikipedia page as well as the Manifesto.